Mitt Romney: His faith shouldn’t affect my vote…oh yeah?

Mitt RomneyIf the Mormon church is so wrong about these basic Christian beliefs, then why should I trust Mitt Romney to get things right for America?

Key tenets of the Mormon faith


-Nature of God: God once was a mortal who became an eternal being after a great trial.

-Jesus Christ: Christ was God’s first-born spirit child, his only earthly child and the only perfect mortal.

-No Trinity: Mormons reject the idea of the Christian Trinity – God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit as one ethereal being. Instead, they believe the three are separate beings joined in a common purpose.

-Pre-existence and the afterlife: Before their mortal birth, humans existed in pre-mortality and were born in the spirit world to heavenly parents. Mormons also believe in the resurrection and teach that most people will receive some measure of salvation and have a place in a three-level eternal kingdom.

-One true church: Mormons say their faith is not Protestant, Catholic or Orthodox but holds a unique place as “restored New Testament Christianity.” Founder Joseph Smith said God told him none of the existing churches were practicing Christianity as it was intended.

– A living prophet: Mormons believe the head of their church is a living prophet, seer and revelator who can communicate with God.

– Book of Mormon: The text on which the church is based is said to have been translated from an ancient language inscribed on gold plates. Mormons believe it is an account of Christ’s interaction with inhabitants of the ancient Americas before he ascended to heaven.

– Second Coming of Christ: Smith believed the Garden of Eden was originally in North America, near today’s Independence, Mo. Mormons migrated to Missouri in 1831 because Smith taught that would be the new Jerusalem, where Christ would return.

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I'm originally from Scotland and have been a Presbyterian pastor for over thirty years. I live in Knoxville, TN. I enjoy art as a means of therapy, but also as a creative way to strengthen my spiritual connection to God.
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7 Responses to Mitt Romney: His faith shouldn’t affect my vote…oh yeah?

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  3. Alma says:

    Your synopsis is close but far enough off for a Mormon to take issue with it. The Book of Mormon actually claims to be an account of God’s interactions with people from about 2,000 B.C. to 400 A.D., covering a much longer span than before His ascension. Missouri is just one of the places Mormons expect Jesus to visit; but His triumphant return will be to Jerusalem as described in the Bible. We also believe that everyone can communicate with God, not just the prophet. All they need to do is pray. I don’t know any authoritative statement in Mormonism that teaches anything that God “became eternal” with or without a “great trial.” You’d probably be money ahead if you got your information about Mormonism from Mormon sources. Your observations seem like someone’s perceptions about Republicans coming from Daily Kos rather than from actual Republicans.

  4. stushie says:

    Thanks Alma for your reply. I’ve studied Mormonism for years and thought that the Associated press’s articles was one of the best condensed current accounts of the LDS. My point is this: how can I trust a person with authority over the American people if his beliefs are so out of whack with the rest of Christianity? If Tom Cruise was to seek nomination as a Presidential candidate, would the GOP give him the chance?

    Mormonism is a cult which likes to call itself Christian. I have great difficulty in accepting a leader who is part of a cult.

  5. Amazed says:

    Unbelievable. The Constitution requires that no religious test is required for the President but here you’ve just stated that the beliefs you don’t agree with disqualify Mr. Romney from the Presidency. How do you reconcile that?
    The AP article was not a good summary of Mormon beliefs and anyone who claims it is should stop taking their information from unofficial sources. Stushie, I’m afraid that you’re study of the Mormon church is incomplete and flawed. I have to say you don’t know enough call the Mormon church anything let alone a cult. If Mormonism is a cult then all of Christianity is a cult. Go to for a good summary of Mormon beliefs otherwise, keep your deceptive opinions to yourself.

  6. stushie says:

    Totally expected. The Constitution requires no religious test for the Presidential candidate, but that is not imposed upon the individual voter. To do so, would be to take away the liberty of the individual guaranteed under the Constitution. I can judge a candidate by the importance of what my values are, not the candidate’s. If I choose to apply my faith when I cast my vote, that is my Constitutionally protected right. It is not deceptive; it is elective of my own independent volition.

    I have read, studied and even taught on the history, beliefs, and falsehoods of Mormonism. It is a cult that originated in the demented mind of a deluded person. His deceptive opinions sadly still permeate in the hearts and souls of those who tragically choose to follow him. It is a religious cult which unhappily will place lots of otherwise good people in an eternal dead end.

    Unlike you, Alma, I do not choose to tell people to keep their opinions to themselves. I prefer the freedom of speech that the Constitution grants to each of us to pursue our own faith, in our own way, and to express it in our own words. You can believe what you want and I can believe what I want, and no one can force anyone to keep their opinions to themselves – that is censorship…but then again, Joseph Smith was into that when he destroyed the printing presses.

  7. It always amazes me that critics of the LdS Church use comparisons of LdS Church with
    Catholic or Protestant orthodoxy, but never with the ancient Church of Christ of the New Testament! It is nothing short of ridiculous that relatively uneducated ‘boys’ can so teach people to convert them to LdS Church! The key is their references are to the
    Word of God ! They ask people to read, study and to PRAY! “Ask God!’ They ask the
    investigator to compare LdS Church to the Church outlined in the New Testament !
    They believe that Jesus Christ is the savior of all mankind, in that all, both righteous and wicked will be ressurected and face judgement on their merits: If they accepted Him as their advocate, He suffered and died for them ! If they accepted Lucifer’s lies, then he is their advocate!They will suffer with him !

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