The Next Obama Spiritual Scandal: The Oprah Connection

Obama and OprahFor the past two weeks, we have all been bombarded with images of Pastor Jeremiah Wright’s hostile homily about America. Obama has ridden the media storm and seems to have survived the political frenzy. He can breathe quietly for a while, but only for a short time.


Just when he thought that the road to the Whitehouse was safe, his one-time political partner, Oprah Winfrey, is beginning to create another theological storm for Obama.


Recently, the TV icon of superficiality has gotten herself involved with a New Age guru, Eckhart Tolle, and has begun toting his revolutionary ideas of re-hashed transcendental meditation on her website. Not since the Beatles went to India in the sixties, has a major celebrity ever used their popularity to spiritually misguide a large part of the population. At a recent online seminar, two million Oprah devotees enthusiastically allowed themselves to be cybernetically brainwashed to what Oprah calls “a new awakening and a shift of consciousness across the planet.”


Eckhart Tolle promotes these meditational techniques in his book “A New Earth.” Everybody in the world needs to transform and follow this current wave of New Age spiritual mumbo-jumbo. According to Tolle, “A significant portion of the earth’s population will soon recognize, if they haven’t already done so, that humanity is now faced with a stark choice: Evolve or die.”


This smacks of spiritual elitism and harps back to the days of Nietzsche and Nazism.


So, how will this become another albatross around Obama’s neck? When the mainstream faiths begin to feel threatened by this spiritual dabbling of the Queen of superficiality, and when Obama’s opponents are looking to tag him with yet another controversial connection. It seems as though Obama has made another awkward judgment call.


If I was to make a prediction of when this will happen, I would say sometime in April…

About Stushie

I'm originally from Scotland and have been a Presbyterian pastor for over thirty years. I live in Knoxville, TN. I enjoy art as a means of therapy, but also as a creative way to strengthen my spiritual connection to God.
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2 Responses to The Next Obama Spiritual Scandal: The Oprah Connection

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  2. Hi ! I find that their theories ,behind thier new world religion, to always be controdicting their previous statement.They claim and tell me that i am a soul that never dies and that i have choosen the body that iam in,then they try to convince me that i must be come part of this “ONE THOUGHT ” ,so that enough of the world can think as one it will make all the rest of the souls be incoprated into this one thought and then it will be possible to merge and bring God down here so that we as souls can merge with him ,because we have to other wise we all die.Then in the same breath they say that believe in the bible and what it says.Now this proves that they are lieing because how can we tell God that now is the time to merge because we say so for we have decided to all think as one so then God must do as we say and not what has been written in the bible ,but the again this also proves that this “New World Religion” is the very same false christ that the bible has told that will come to pass.This false christ also that the pale white horsemen must ide and kill all humans that dont believe in the power of the one ,could it be possible that the power of the one is inactual fact satan ,for this lie that the new age christain i the very sin that got satan kicked out of heaven in the first place.Another thing if poeple want to reinvent Christ in their own new beliefs ,then it does not hold well and show their itelligence.For the bible talks of beings (alians)in genisis and in revelations it referrs to the four living beings.There are also pitures of pyramides on mars ,the bible also refferrs to them as watchers .Surf the net and you will come up with the greys(human like blondes)Anuunaki (angels that left heaven with satan and these angels tried to corrupt then desendants of David ,so that Jesuse would not be of man ,but these angels had sex with women and produced the Nephiliums and the bible refferrs to them as were ledgens are born,the reptilains (human and snake like ,with yellow snake like eyes and green- grey scaley skin with long tales,they sound a lot like the beats that will be unleashed during satans rule ,the poeple left behind will be forced to worship satan and take on the mark of the beast.The bible refferrs to the as beast that can fly and will have stinging tales,then there are the hybrids half human -half alian ,but to me the look like the first and ancient alians with their albino grey-white skin and child-like features with huge black egge like eyes ,they seam to be a spiece that has spent eions indarkness ,and are probabley the oringinal space travelers ,kinda have the same skin colour as anything that has grown of lived in dark paces for a long time ,just look as cave fish,crickets,spiders all have one thing in common their complection is grey white.There are so many things in this world that point to the bible being true it seams to be the only book that explains many of the things takeing place today on earth.And to think that it was written such a long time ago but it has never lost its appeal,like most books you read them nce and then put them down,and may be read it once more,but for the bible its read over and over ad disscussed and analized,but for a book that tells you how to live and to save your soul,it still promotes free will for it gives you the right to choose.So if this book gives you the right to choose so then must we give others ,but it does not say you must not try and tell them if you believe they are wandering off the track,you may still help and espescial those that might not know the scriptures and might get deceived by unruths and twisting the Word of God ,for their own purpose,and indoing so cheat poeple out of been able to have eternal life with God,but instead purposefullt condem the to all eternity in fire and brimstone where their souls are tormented for all ternity.I erge poeple to open your eyes ,just take a simple thing ike the 1 dollar bill it has a pyrmide with the foreall seeing eye ,and take heed of what is happening around you and to the word in general its your choice alone to make ,dont fail yourself you have been given a brain use it ,for the bible even says even though you can.
    ‘t read or write you will still know whats right and wrong ,,Lots of interesting debates starting to take place and its a good thin

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