4 Minute Devotions: No Hesitation

Of all the kings in the Bible, I love Hezekiah the best. He’s under-rated when it comes to biblical kings, but he’s one of the most faithful characters that you’ll find in the good book. In a time when Israel and Judah were dabbling with apostasy and idolatry, Hezekiah is one of the few leaders not to be seduced by the sins of the people. And through his leadership, the Jews are given fifteen extra years to mend their ways before they are punished with exile.


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Bible Verse of the Day

2 Kings 20:10 “It is a simple matter for the shadow to go forward ten steps,” said Hezekiah. “Rather, have it go back ten steps.”


I love this part when Isaiah asks him about getting a sign from the Lord. He doesn’t hesitate to ask for a hard sign. He wants real proof that God will do what God has promised, so he makes the task harder by asking for shadows to go backward against the sun’s motion, rather than follow their natural courses. It goes against the law of physics, but our God is an awesome God and in this case, He was really pleased with Hezekiah. The daylight comes and the shadow retreats. Isaiah fulfills the prophecy and Hezekiah is healed. It’s a remarkable moment and a strong testimony to the faithfulness of the old king.


We all ask God to help and heal us at times because we believe in God’s promises. We hope and pray for better things to happen in our lives because we have faith in God’s blessings. But sometimes God knows best and during those moments, it’s hard for us to accept that God will not answer our prayers. Old Hezekiah got fifteen extra years, but no more than that. When it came for his time to lie with his ancestors, God’s blessing was over.


You may be asking God for help today, or perhaps He’s already heard and answered your prayers. Don’t take Him for granted or forget to praise Him this Sunday. Hezekiah faithfully served God before and after his healing, and even faced down a powerful enemy who sought to conquer and enslave his people. It’s faith that counts in the midst of all our challenges – a faith that will last us throughout our lives.


Prayer:                        Lord God, thank You for the example of Hezekiah and for the blessings that You gave him because of his faithfulness to You. Today, we may face challenges of our own, so we pray for Your presence, guidance, and help to overcome our fears and worries. Be with us in all that we hope to accomplish. In Christ’s Name, we pray. Amen.


About stushie

I'm originally from Scotland and have been a Presbyterian pastor for over twenty years. I live in Knoxville, TN. I enjoy art as a means of therapy, but also as a creative way to strengthen my spiritual connection to God.
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