Muslim Cleric Says Christian Women Should Wear Veils

Outspoken Muslim cleric Taj al-Din al-Hilali has claimed that the Bible “mandates” the wearing of the veil by Christian women.


Writing in a new book, Sheik Hilali, who lost his job as mufti of Australia after comparing scantily clad women to uncovered meat, argues that the Bible and the Koran make similar demands of a woman’s modesty.


Hilali, who remains the head of Australia’s largest mosque in the south western Sydney suburb of Lakemba, says the purpose of the book is to show the commonalities of Islam with the Jewish and Christian faiths when it comes to women’s modesty and clothing.


In the soon to be published The Legitimacy of the Veil for Women of the Scripture – Evidence of the Veil in the Bible, he points to references in the Old and New Testaments to women wearing a veil.


“Through this, I hope to raise awareness and understanding and eliminate apprehensions and misunderstandings about the veil,” quotes him, as saying.


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2 Responses to Muslim Cleric Says Christian Women Should Wear Veils

  1. jeanette says:

    Mythology is the name of the game. The veil is a myth and is the Koran and the stupidity of the people who believe it to be sacred. Mormans believe in mythology christians are governed by myths. Get smart people

  2. redhogg says:

    First the mythology talk shows ignorance of Christianity. Its not based on myth Jeanette and is time you discover that fact.

    Now, concering the Muslim (so called) Cleric’s comments. He needs to stick to fixing his religion before he attempts to fix the what he thinks is wrong with the Christians.

    Islam has some very serious issues way beyond the veils which in my view is nothing more than a tool to opress women.

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