A New Earth: Part 06


Sorry about the delay in writing up notes for this chapter. This book is so full of hot air and balderdash that it is difficult to want to read or review it. Chapter Six is called Breaking Free – maybe sometime soon, I can break free from this book!

Reviewing the book also makes me feel ill and exhausted – I am beginning to believe that there’s something dark and sinister behind all of this.


Page 161:         When you recognize the pain body for what it is, it can no longer pretend to be you. How can what is you not be a part of you???


The pain-body cannot renew itself anymore by feeding on your thoughts  …Tolle has been watching too much Star trek for his own good…


Page 162          The energy trapped in the pain-body changes its frequency and become transmuted into Presence. This is pure sophistic bunkum. It’s modern-day quackery and gullible people are falling for it.


Most people sense an energy field from others….some people don’t know that they can sense it…he just contradicted himself in the same paragraph.


Many accidents are caused by drivers whose pain-bodies are active…a supposition, M’Lord and absolutely no proof. They’ll soon be setting up pain-body cameras next to the red-light ones on city streets.


Page 163:         Unconsciously, two active pain body drivers want the accident to happen…was Tolle unconscious when he wrote this baloney? Are people really buying into this junk psychology?


Talks about diminished responsibility as a defense in court for an accident – Tolle is beginning to see the absurdity in his own theory…


How can you be responsible when you are unconscious, when you don’t know what you are doing?…Tolle is promoting individual anarchy, not evolution. This is libertarianism, not liberty.


Page 164:         When you can’t stand the endless cycle of suffering anymore, you begin to awaken….usually identified as Karma in Buddhism & Hinduism.


Tolle begins an anecdotal account of an unhappy person – in his eyes, she views the world through her pain-body. He is connecting with a lot of unhappy people seeking to get rid of their misery.


Page 165:         Who is speaking? You or the unhappiness in you? – schizoid psychotherapy. He is enabling her to disassociate herself from her miserable feelings.


Page 166:         You cannot be unhappy without an unhappy story….excuse me, Tolle, I thought it all was the pain-body’s fault???? You mean that circumstances dictate our feelings and not our parasitical pain-bodies?


I witnessed the arising of Presence in another human being…or he had implanted his delusion in her pain body!


Page 167:         heavy energy – atmosphere murky…open a window….demonic presence????


Page 168:         the universal human pain-body had come back to tell me, “You thought you defeated me. Look, I’m still here…” Tolle is setting himself up as a false Messiah…no doubt his deluded devotees will lap this up.


Page 169:         The Pain-Body in Children….clever. Tolle is connecting with all those anxious Oprahnic moms who worry about their kids sensitivity…     


Where does all this unhappiness come from?…the child’s share of the collective pain-body… rather than putting it down to bad temper tantrums and poor-parenting skills.


Highly sensitive children are particularly affected by their parents pain-bodies….the New Agers will drink this psycho-babble dry…


Page 170:         child having a pain-body attack…good grief, he’s just given hopeless moms a label for their kids bad behavior.


Don’t buy into the drama…for once I agree with Tolle.


Page 171:         Child: the more unhappy I become, the more likely I am to get what I want. This is a recipe for dysfunction in later life…Credit where credit is due: Tolle is 100% correct on this.


Tolle writes about having a conversation with the upset child to name their unhappiness…alienating the child from being responsible for his/her actions


Page 172:         Use curiosity rather than criticism or condemnation….this will make the child totally unprepared for the real world…does Tolle have any kids of his own???? If not, then this is the equivalent of a Catholic priest giving marriage guidance…


Awareness is the child will grow stronger and the pain-body will diminish…emotional brainwashing


Some unhappiness is created whenever you are out of alignment with the present moment….this is Buddhism again.


Achieve the ‘present moment’ (Nirvana)..and you will be empowered by Life itself…no place for God here, nor the Holy Spirit.


Page 173:         insignificant things act as triggers for unhappiness. Agreed.


Pain-body and ego are close relatives. They need each other.


Heavy pain-bodied people cannot step ‘outside’ of their heavy emotional ‘story.’  they cannot compartmentalize themselves from it, nor alienate themselves from the consequences of their pain.


You are trapped in your own hell…is Tolle obliquely referring to troubled marriages here???


Page 174:         People with strong active pain-bodies have a repulsive energy emanation…is this for real??? Where’s the proof?


Heavy pain-bodied people provoke conflicts…I would call it being belligerent or bloody-minded myself

A high degree of Presence can overcome confrontation with heavy pain bodied people…as opposed to the reconciling presence of the Holy Spirit….



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I'm originally from Scotland and have been a Presbyterian pastor for over thirty years. I live in Knoxville, TN. I enjoy art as a means of therapy, but also as a creative way to strengthen my spiritual connection to God.
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4 Responses to A New Earth: Part 06

  1. memama says:

    Thank You!! It is wonderful to see this “Chapter 6″discussion, about the book, “A New Earth”. I agree with you, about the “dark’ feeling concerning the book and its contents. There is something very wrong with an individual, who would deliberately take Bible verses and use them out of context to try to prove a point, when you then tell everyone, you are your own christ. And Jesus Christ’s OTHER words and claims are false? Eckhart trys to pass off his new age cult/religion as “friends” with the Bible. He will say “god is”. But He does NOT know, who He IS, or acknowledge His Holiness or attributes. He avoids this subject. The entire book has so many fibs and fairy tales, it is hard to be able to see WHAT he is claiming. He hides and has no unfiltered interviews or lectures. He is unavailable for questions. And your wonderful condensed page by page discussion of the book and it’s problems, show’s why that is. Thank you again, for this great effort. MM

  2. memama says:

    Will you be finishing the rest of the Chapters? Hope so!! would like to see…..”the rest of the story” via “stushie”……

  3. stushie says:

    I’ll try to get back to it.

  4. memama says:

    Nothing further? I wanted to be able to use this wonderful resource as ONLY “Stushie” can “edit” and elaborate!; and get to The Heart of the errors of this book! Will you ever finish it?

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