Al Qaida says US Financial Crisis is a Muslim Victory

Associated Press Writer


CAIRO, Egypt (AP) –


An American member of al-Qaida pointed to economic troubles in the United States as proof that “the enemies of Islam” face defeat, in an English-language video released Saturday.


In a half hour video message, California-native Adam Gadahn urged Pakistanis to unite against their government and U.S. forces, and taunted Americans over their economic crisis, relating it to their military interventions.


“The enemies of Islam are facing a crushing defeat, which is beginning to manifest itself in the expanding crisis their economy is experiencing,” said Gadahn, in a clip of the message distributed by the SITE Intelligence Group, a Washington-based monitor of militant Web sites.


“A crisis whose primary cause, in addition to the abortive and unsustainable crusades they are waging in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq, is their turning their backs on Allah’s revealed laws, which forbid interest-bearing transactions, exploitation, greed and injustice in all its forms.”


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2 Responses to Al Qaida says US Financial Crisis is a Muslim Victory

  1. Marianne says:

    Not quite so. The world economy is so intertwined, that if the USA falls, or crashes economically, so will everyone else.

    Greed also goes against Christian principles as well. Not everyone in the USA is a Christian. The ones who were responsible for the recent troubles are not Christians. They are atheists, so they have no ethical principles.


  2. stushie says:

    I agree, Marianne. AQ has never had that much influence, even after 9/11.

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